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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NCHEX?

The North Carolina Healthcare Exchange (NCHEX) is a voluntary statewide health information exchange (HIE) from the North Carolina Hospital Association to enable the secure, real-time exchange of standardized clinical information between providers using different electronic health record systems.


NCHEX leverages existing technology and experience in many hospitals and utilizes a proven HIE platform that powers existing exchanges to connect hospitals and physician practices. NCHEX can provide instant access to an NCHA hospital’s inpatient and outpatient claims history including all episodes in North Carolina for the last 3 years and support hospitals and eligible professionals in their efforts to achieve Meaningful Use in a cost efficient manner. NCHEX also supports sharing of information between hospitals, physicians and other care providers, as well as connection to existing community HIEs / RHIOs to rapidly expand HIE reach and coverage.

Who can join NCHEX?

The exchange is open to all North Carolina medical providers. NCHEX seeks to connect with existing RHIOs / HIEs / HIT systems in North Carolina by leveraging the eHealth Exchange and other HIE standards.

What does NCHEX do?

NCHEX allows medical providers to assemble a patient-centric continuity-of-care record composed of information from all NCHEX participants and displayed at the point of care via secure web access and EHR system linkages.

How much does NCHEX cost?

NCHEX builds on NCHESS (North Carolina Hospital Emergency Surveillance System) infrastructure and experience, reducing costs and implementation time. Pricing for NCHESS-IMC and non-IMC hospitals and physician practices is determined on an individual basis and consists of implementation and annual usage fees.