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Our Partners

The North Carolina Hospital Association

NCHA is statewide trade association, established in 1918, representing 135 hospitals and health networks. The association promotes improved community health status and delivery of quality healthcare through leadership, information, education, and advocacy in members' interests and for public benefit. For more information, please visit www.ncha.org.

Truven Health Analytics

With the complexity of today’s healthcare system, the key to improvement is recognizing and advancing opportunity. At Truven Health Analytics, we combine our comprehensive information with deep analysis and industry benchmarks to transform your data into actionable knowledge. And because we have visibility across the entire continuum of care, we truly understand your workflow and create real connections that uncover untapped potential for your business. Our team of leading healthcare professionals draws on uncommon insight from every corner of the industry to understand your most essential issues – attracting and retaining the best employees, improving patient care, sharing data, managing costs and eliminating fraud – and uncover and navigate new avenues for improvement. But we do more than identify opportunities – we equip you to realize them. By sharing valuable best practices and offering distinctly useful solutions, we define the path to success.The result? Relevant knowledge paired with true perspective to guide you towards the most impactful decisions. For more information, please visit http://www.truvenhealth.com.


CareEvolution is a leading provider of secure health interoperability solutions. HIEBus™ is an award winning health information exchange technology platform that provides links to existing laboratory, pharmacy, EMR, PMIS, and claims management systems to “share” information in a secure, reliable, and incremental manner. HIEBus™ has been used by states and municipalities to leverage existing administrative datasets (Medicaid, UB92, HCFA1500 among others) which are largely electronic to construct a core patient history for entire populations. A web based portal supports authentication, authorization, visualization, and audit of the patient history for Medicaid providers, first responders, emergency and disaster management solution, and non EMR enabled providers.

Managing over 6.1 million consumers in the South Carolina Health Information Exchange (SCHIEx), CareEvolution has been recognized by Gartner, MS-HUG, the National Governors Association, the Brookings Institution, and the eHealth Initiative. HIEBus™ is a proven, comprehensive suite of SOA technology solutions for deploying health information exchanges – hospital to physicians, physician to physician, and community RHIOs. Distinct components such as Identity Management, Record Location, Clinical Data Integration, Audit & Log, Data Persistence, Visualization, Terminology, and Data Mining may be adopted piecemeal or as a comprehensive technology platform. For more information, please visit www.CareEvolution.com.